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          EUREM - European EnergyManager Training is a standardized training of further education that enhances the skills of technical experts in the field of energy efficiency improvement. It covers nearly all energy-relevant issues that can arise in companies. The EUREM training contents are standardized and therefore globally comparable. The quality of the training and the training organisation is ensured by periodical quality checks by external auditors. This allows the EUREM idea to achieve next efficiency levels and to expand geographically.

          The Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Germany, is coordinator of the project consortium with 13 partners from twelve countries. The aim of the 36-month project is the future-oriented further development of the training content and, in addition to other focal points, the expansion of the EnergyManager training including network components to other countries. The qualification as an EnergyManager is a highly effective measure of increasing energy efficiency in companies. The European Union is therefore promoting the introduction of energy manager training in six further member and candidate states.

          The EUREMnext project, now the fourth to be supported by the EU, aims to establish EUREM in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, and Turkey in order to make small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, in particular, more energy-efficient. To this end, partner institutions have been selected in the respective countries, which will adapt the EUREM training to the country-specific needs and introduce the courses in their country from 2019 on.

          EUREMnext project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 785032

Facts about EUREM


Energy savings per EM: 750 MWh/a

Doing an Energy Audit or implementing an Energy Management System in an industrial company is a must. Nevertheless, mainly SMEs with an ecologic/economic awareness or large companies are legally required to do so. Creating a baseline and knowing about the status quo of energy demand and supply step by step becomes an important part in financial controlling and companies recognize the advantages.


Cost reduction per EM: 30,000 EUR/a

In companies, energy-related knowledge is often concentrated in the energy or a related technical department. However, basic knowledge with respect to the use of energy and the potentials of energy efficiency is fundamental for all employees. Each employee can save energy and thus contribute to making the workplace a better, more climate-friendly and cost-effective place when trained in basic facts on energy efficiency.


CO2 savings per EM: 200 t/a

The European Union aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40% until 2030. With a share of 20% in overall emissions the traffic sector is the second largest emitter and will therefore need to contribute significantly to that aim. New approaches such as electrification and digitalisation of mobility in combination with the promotion of public transport and bicycles are expected to be the key to an innovative and modern low emission mobility system.

Path to the European EnergyManager Certificate

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Presence-based & eLearning Modules

The training is usually held extra-occupational and consists of face-to-face sessions (134 units) and a final project work as well as online self-study (80 units). The preparation of a so-called “Energy Concept” is a compulsory and crucial element of the EUREM Training.

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