Working in Heights

In your daily activity you lead works that need to be accomplished in heights, including those that require hanging on a rope. Safety in this field is of high importance and the workers need to have the needed professional knowledge, in order to accomplish the work successfully.

Who may be a part of this training:

Facade builders, window cleaners, ventilation workers, lightning protection installers, forestry workers, roofers and all persons who perform the work at height, and whoever who works in heights.



Accident prevention – Legislation – Safety standards – legal principles and their applicability – instruction in the relevant provisions of the employee protection provisions – specific training in the use of company-owned PPE, requirements and problems – advanced rope and safety theory including physical basics – stop techniques, choice of stop-and turning points – Structure and potential danger of the safety chain – methodical exercises to roping, Sharp edge problem etc.

Methodological and practical part:

Practical material knowledge and exercises on handling – using rope as a safety rail – work positioning – Working with redundant safety rope.

First aid and rescue:

General explanation of assistance in case of emergency – Presentation of a first-aid concept – demonstration and practical exercises – check.

The course takes place at a specific Training Centre or on the masts of the Company. The program is oriented in international principles and presents the basis of the specifics of the work in heights.