Quality Management

Certified career in quality control

  • Quality Assistant
  • Quality officer for small and medium businesses
  • Internal Auditor
  • Quality manager
  • External Auditor

Target Group

These courses and seminars are designed for entrepreneurs / and managers and employees / for small, medium and large companies, non-profit organizations and public administrations that want to have a role in quality management, and to all in the process-oriented quality management interested people.

Duration of each training course

Each individual module consists of 24 teaching units.


  • Tasks of a quality assistant / assistant in a quality company (Grundkenntnisse zur ÖNORM EN ISO 9001:20093)
  • Implementation of Quality Management
  • Management and improvement processes
  • Organization and conducting internal audits
  • Audit situation with  Roleplay and Analysing

Management into the management processes

  • Introduction to process-oriented management
  • Development of the importance of the leadership role
  • Business process model and process cells
  • Development of management and Improvement Process
  • Project cycle of the introduction of a quality

Management of business processes

  • Clarification of the significance of business processes
  • Development of business processes
  • Sequential and structural organization design
  • Acquisition and sales process
  • Development process
  • Implementation process
  • Business value
  • Quality of Service Processes
  • Legal terms of quality management

Management of supporting processes

  • Analyzing and describing the supporting processes
  • Supplier relationship as a collaboration with partners in the procurement
  • Test equipment management
  • Problem handling during the process
  • Statistical Methods
  • Operational Improvement Process
  • Reflection on its own business practices


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