The objective of this training is to enable participants in:

  • Identification of fraud risk and influencing factors
  • Development and execution of certain components needed for a successful program of fraud risk administration
  • Identification of certain elements for the prevention, identification and administration of fraud risk
  • Awareness raising among the staff in relation to all the employees of all levels in the organization

Training program:

  • Principles of fraud risk administration in an organization
  • Fraud Triangle
    • Role of Internal Control Systems
    • From the concept of Fraud Triangle to the new concept: Fraud Rhombus
  • Fraud Prevention
    • Overall elements of a Fraud Prevention Plan(FPP)
    • Development of Fraud Prevention Plan
    • Raising awareness in regard to fraud and involvement of the staff as partners in the Fraud Prevention Plan
    • Execution of the Fraud Prevention Plan
  • Detection and Investigation of Fraud
    • Understanding the warning signs of Fraud
    • Red Flags (Alerts): Behavioral and Financial/Transactional
    • 5-step approach of fraud detection
  • Risk of Fraud evaluation
    • Components of fraud risk evaluation
    • Development of fraud risk evaluation
  • Typology and classic types of fraud in the banking sector
  • Applicable techniques, examples and forms of documentation