Facility Management

Facility Management is an integrated process to support and improve the effectiveness of the primary activities of an organization by the management and delivery of agreed support services for the appropriate environment that is needed to achieve its changing objectives.


After salary and wages, expenditures for facility and real estate represent the largest part of the operating expenses for a company and any improvement of cost effectiveness results in a significant overall saving of costs. Organizations can’t ignore the potential for cost saving within their real estate portfolios and increasingly they are using property-based information for corporate strategic decision making. A professional Facility Management can help to raise the efficiency of the secondary processes of companies and build up strategic success factors. More importantly, it shows the great opportunity for management to take a new approach and handle the changing demands to run these facilities successfully in the future. This Facility Management training course will provide good basic information and knowledge in the field of Facility Management. Participants will learn the holistic management view regarding the life cycle of “facilities” and aspects of sustainability.

Participants learn about the following:

  • Facility Management as a Management tool
  • Methods and skills for a successful Facility Management
  • Key success indicators for Facility Management
  • Knowledge and competences to successfully operate

Facility Management Target group

Special focus of this train the trainer course is to improve the knowledge and competences in the field of Facility Management to be ready to teach the Facility Management basic course. Primarily people are coming from following areas: Facility Manager, Real Estate Manager, Project Manager, Building care-taker, Architects, Building Managers, Property Manager, HVAC-Technicians, etc.


  • Successful participation 80 Learning Units
  • Working-Paper Collection,
  • Presentation of individual FM Concept