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Learn foreign languages in the biggest professional institution AIEx. Foreign languages are a growing key element of the global economy. AIEx is the center of foreign languages that helps you to learn over 20 languages. The nowadays professional successes are directly related with the knowledge in foreign languages.

An actual study from the European Commission shows: Businesses that invest in multi language efficiency of  their workers and employ those workers that have the specific language knowledge  for a certain  field, tend to have 44.5% better result in work.


German Language at AIEx

AIEx offers:

  • Individual or group courses for all levels

You may learn in groups or by yourself. If you desire, you may adjust your individual course schedule in your free time. Courses may also be customized regarding specific fields, related to the level of the participants. In focus of group/individual courses are professionals, businesses, university students, middle and high school students, of all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).  Courses may be developed in the premises of our training center, but also near your company or educational institution.

  • In-House Training for Companies or Educational Institutions

‘In-House Training’ is a special offer for companies and educational institutions, where employees or students, learn the language “in house” following a study plan, that is customized according to the needs and schedule of the company or educational institutions. The lectures may be customized to be focused on special economic or technical fields.

  • ÖSD Testing and International Certification

AIEx has the exclusivity to the testing center for German language of ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch), a state-approved system for the evaluation of German as a second or foreign language. ÖSD Diploma is an EU and internationally recognized certificate which certifies your knowledge on the German language.


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