Due to the consistently high standards of AIEx training, the attestations, diplomas and certificates are broadly recognized in the international economy. They inform you on the latest economical practices and knowledge.


If you enclose an AIEx Course or Training with an exam, then you will get a certificate additionally to a confirmation of participation.

Exams are based on regulations established and approved by the Trade Chamber Comission (TCC) and the Federal Ministry of Economics, Family and Youth Affairs.

Internationally recognized certificates

AIEx incites the interest of its customers through international cooperation.

In the field of finance, the course for accountants is provided by the European Society of Management Accountants and is recognized throughout Europe.

Regarding the field of IT we cooperate with enterprises such as Microsoft, SAP, etc.. Through this collaboration we vow to train the participants and evaluate them according to international standards.

WIFI Diploma

For courses or training courses with at least 80 instruction units, which have been completed by examination and a project work, a WIFI diploma is issued in addition to a certificate.

WIFI Certificate

In areas such as welding technology, quality assurance and similar, people with successful graduation of the examination program will receive a personal certificate from the WIFI-certification body. This certifies special qualifications for practicing a profession for a certain period of time or it is updated periodically.

Certifications are recognized internationally.

AIEx Confirmation of Participation

If you attend at least 75% of an AIEx seminar, course or training, then a AIEx-Confirmation of Participation is issued (without examination).