Success is no coincidence. No one knows this better than entrepreneurs who need to persist in the market and work hard for that each day. Therefore, successful companies constantly develop, define new targets and turn them into reality.
Who strives to reach these aims, has to adapt to the market situation and ensure the appropriate qualification of his/her staff. A systematic development of staff is, therefore, essential.
Austrian Institute of Excellence – AIEx is the brand name under which we provide training courses and qualification for organizations across all sectors both in Albania & Kosovo.
We have long provided companies and individuals with training programs and personnel certifications in different fields.
Since 2013 AIEx has been developing and delivering training courses by international and local top level experts. All of our courses can be tailored specifically to your company/team’s needs and be delivered at your workplace.
The covered topics include but are not limited to:

AIEx – Your partner in building Skills and Confidence!