Development of Personal Working Techniques

Office Organization

At the end of this course, you will be able not only to develop your concept of office administration and organization, but to solve day-to-day office problems in fast and effective way, too. You will learn how to administer meetings and deadlines, visitors and clients. AIEx training “ Office Management” is focused mainly on participants, who want to put into practice, what they have learned.

Self Management & Stress Management

The aims of this course are: better organization of work, better management of time, higher results, less stress, higher motivation, less mistakes, more time for main objectives, development toward a higher position, faster achievement of goals in professional and private life.
The AIEx module “Stress Management” gives you the possibility to overcome stress. During the course you will learn how stress is caused, why we feel stressed, what measures can be taken against stress, how can we overcome this “epidemic”, etc.

Time Management

AIEx helps the participants of this course to manage better the time. As part of the strategies, the participants learn to share difficult tasks and to delegate these tasks to other collaborators. This course is focused on people, who are active in the organizer field, entrepreneurs, supervisors and other people, who want to manage their time in a better way, in professional and private life.