Austrian Institute of Excellence is committed to bringing the IWS program with the advantages for any interested welding engineer / technician.

Benefits to Individuals:

Take advantage of the training curricula, developed by the IIW International Institute of Welding, which comes to you in Albanian!

Take advantage of the expertise of about 10 international experts as referrals, who come from years of practice and experience in a powerful industry.

Take an international qualification, without interrupting your employment relationship, save your money with a localized program that is indispensable for the industry, which in European countries is even higher.

Become competitive and become part of international companies and projects in Albania, the region, or the world.

Criteria and documentation for registration:

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-Diploma (Vocational School/ University)

-Minimum 3 year relevant experience

-Updated CV in English

-Identification Document (ID card/Pass)

-Optional: Other qualifications


Welding training and personnel certification according to ISO 9606-1 at the new modern welding centre of AIEx in Tirana, equipped according to European standards.

This training is ideal for companies that are looking to raise the qualification and technical skills of their welders according to European standards and the contemporary welding methods, thus raising and guaranteeing the high quality of their products.

The number of participants is limited (12 people) and the training will be carried out by an Austrian trainer, a welding expert for the processes TIG, MAG and Manual Arc Welding. The training period is 02.-08.06.2018

New Welding Training Center May 2018

The aim of AIEx as your partner in personnel qualification, as well as quality system implementation (ISO 1090 and EN 3834) has always been the support of Albanian and Kosovar businesses in implementing European standards and being competitive in the national and the European market and beyond.

In order to guarantee the quality of our trainings with regard to the implementation of European standards, AIEx has invested in the new modern welding training centre located at Rr. Dibres, Tirana.

The AIEx welding training centre is equipped according to EU standards and fulfils all technical and and safety requirements necessary for the professional training of your personnel, with the latest methods and curricula.

Why you should choose AIEx?

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Among other reasons:

  • we pay great attention to the theoretical training of your personnel, which makes them more professional and capable of solving everyday technical problems. This translates into the increase in the quality standards of your products and your reliability on the market, the minimisation of mistakes and welding defects, and the decrease of costs for your company.
  • The trainings are carried out according to WIFI Austria curricula (First place in consecutive years as the best Austrian training provider acc. to
  • The training is carried out from qualified and experienced trainers (International Welding Specialists IWS)
  • Internationally recognised certification from an accredited certifying body WIFI Austria (AIEx is an approved training body and examination centre for WIFI)

EN ISO 1090 Certification Audit May 2018

To be able to place your products on the market as a manufacturer of load-bearing steel and aluminum structures, proof of a functioning system of factory production control is required. You can provide this proof after a first inspection followed by regular monitoring by a “Notified Body” (WIFI Certifying Body)

During a first inspection or inspections, your own production control and, if desired, your measures to fulfill the quality requirements according to EN ISO 3834 are put to the test. from EXC 1 to EXC 3

The EN 1090 permits different “execution classes”, ie. the more complex your performance is (for example, in-house calculations, increased safety requirements, etc.) the more extensive these inspections will be.

If the result is positive, this certificate gives you the authority to draw up a Declaration of Conformity for your construction products within the scope of EN 1090-1 and affix the CE marking to these construction products.

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The WIFI certification body is accredited by the accreditation authority of the BMWFW by decision dated 21.11.2016 (ID 0907).

WIFI is authorized as a product certification body (ÖNORM EN ISO / IEC 17065) as an “independent third party” for first inspections according to the Construction Products Regulation – Regulation (EU) 305/2011 and EN 1090-1: 2012-03 for manufacturers / EN ISO 3834 for to audit the welding of metallic materials and to issue the corresponding certificates (EN 1090-1 execution classes EXC 1 to EXC 3 or EN ISO 3834).


Your advantage, the international recognition: The certified companies receive a European-wide valid certificate and give you the opportunity to mark (declare) the products manufactured by them in this area with the CE mark

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